ACADEMIC YEAR 2022-2023 Annual Course in Theatre Design/ Scenography

2000 2023| 23 years LSA

LSA participated with Greece /student exhibition at Prague Quadrennial PQ 2023, Prague June 2023 and at the Athens and Epidaurus Festival, Peiraios 260, July 2023. Link:

ACADEMIC YEAR 2023 - 2024

Annual Course in Theatre Design/ Scenography

October 2023 June 2024

(Birds by Aristophanes -model box in scale 1:50,LSAs participation at PQ 2015 in Prague with the Greek nation, student section and at the [OUT] TOP/AS Exhibition at the Benaki Museum , 2016 - photo by Artemis Papagerakis)

First meeting day: Tuesday, October 3, 2023, 18:30

Laboratory of Scenography aims to introduce students in Theatre Desing/ Scenography and in Costume Design. The last 22 years LSA offering a high level of education. Students enters into the dynamic elements that are necessary for the study of Scenography.

Study fields:

  • Scenography and Dramaturgy -Visual Dramaturgy
  • Directing and Performance Design
  • The importance of Artistic research
  • Costume in Performance Costume Design
  • Body and space Performer, Actor, Dancer, Spectator
  • Making and materiality, model box in scale, props, story boards, etc.
  • Creating a Portfolio
  • Scenography and Visual Arts, Scenography and Architecture, Scenography and Theater Design, Expanded Scenography
  • New Media - Digital Theater, Digital Scenography
  • Sustainability
  • Collaboration Practices in Performance Design

All lessons, part of the fields above, are available in a separate program paper
The annual program is completed with the Graduate Exhibition. WATCH ONLINE LSA Graduate Exhibition 2023 link:

The program takes place once a week, 18:30 21:30.

More Information:

Head and Course Leader of the Laboratory of Scenography, Athens : Maria Chaniotaki, MA Theatre Designer/ Scenographer, Visual Artist.
Distinguished Practitioners are visiting LSA for lectures during the year.
Student participation at the annual LSA program is limited.
Certificate of attendance is given to the student who will attend the complete annual program.
Due to Covid -19, modifications may be made to the program and courses may be run through an online course platform (skype or zoom)
Tuition fees:
Annual Theatre Design Course (Oct-Jun): 1125 euros
Students, actors, and unemployed, due to discounts on tuition: 1000 euros / year (Tuition includes tax charges)
Tuition fees are paid in 3, 6 or 9 installments or once with a 10% discount.
An application form must be submitted, followed by CV and a short portfolio. Interview takes place online, at the moment, due covid-19

Application form:
Contact information: 210 6728936

Other Courses for 2023 -2024 will be announced shortly.

(photos- Birds by Aristophanes, story boards by M.S.Kafousias, from the participation at PQ 2015 in Prague and at [OUT] TOP /AS Exhibition at the Benaki Museum, 2016)

LSAs History | 23 years LSA

Article at "to vima newspaper:

LSA was founded in 2000 in Athens by Maria Chaniotaki.

Distinguished practitioners from theater, dance, art and film have visited LSA, as Lectures for workshops and courses since 2000.

Many projects were based on the artistic and creative aim of LSA's Programs such as," Inverted thread " Performance Installation at BIOS Theatre (2008) and " Inverted Thread - the fairy tale" at Askisis Theatre (2009). Both Performances were based more on the impact of the narrative image, space, sight, sound smell experience and time and less in speech and dialogues.

LSA Graduate Exhibitions and individual student Exhibitions of LSA's Visual Art and Performance design Course took place at Monohoro Art Gallery, Giagianos Gallery, Embros Theatre, Art Theatre Karolos Koun - Frynichou, Theatre of Neos Kosmos etc.
LSA participated with the Greek mission - student section of the Hellenic Centre ITT at International Exhibition Prague Quadrennial of Performance Desing and Space PQ2015 with " Birds" by Aristophanes and with the individual art projects from LSA's students of Visual Art and Performance Design Course. LSA also participated with the same project at [OUT]TOP/AS Exhibition at the Benaki Museum Peiraios str in Athens (2016).

LSA participated with Greece /student exhibition at Prague Quadrennial PQ 2023, Prague June 2023 and at the Athens and Epidaurus Festival, Peiraios 260, July 2023.Link:

More than 500 graduates LSA students and the successful perspective the most of them as visual artists and designers and also the acceptance the most of them in Postgraduate Programs in Scenography in Universities of abroad, encourages us to continue, with responsibility, the educational and creative directions, always added the new perspectives, internationally, in Art and Scenography.

LSA have a friendly coperation with the MA Programme Scenography at HKU University of the Arts Utrecht , Netherlands since Mrs.Henny Dörr, Course Leader at MA Programme Scenography visited LSA students in a seminar (2017). In 2018 Mrs. Maria Chaniotaki visited Utrecht and HKU. In 2019 Mrs Tjallien Walma van der Molen Lecturer MFA Scenography, HKU and Mr. Maze de Boer, Designer and Lecturer at the Master Scenography HKU gave another seminar to LSA's students in Athens titled: 'Scenography is all around you' .

More information: website:

(photos from graduate Exhibitions, from PQ2015 Exhibition and from[OUT]TOP/AS Exhibition at the Benaki Museum Peiraios, 2016)

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