Laboratory of Scenography, Athens (LSA)
Laboratory of Scenography - Laboratory of Art
Laboratory of Scenography - Laboratory of Art

photo from video art "Waiting room" by Aggeliki Tomara - participation at PQ2015

The Laboratory of Scenography- a Laboratory of Art give a substantial approach to the study of Visual Arts and Performance space. Scenography make to the experience of performance and its capacity as an autonomous form
The Laboratory 's practical part includes:workshops, artisitic research on projects no based on texts.
The final presentations can be an exhibition, an element of performance, a video, an installation etc.
The Laboratory has the duration of an academic year (October to June) with two holiday periods (Christmas and Easter).Lessons will take place once a week for 3 hours.

Laboratory's themes: Visual Arts, About Art, Sight visions, The time in Art, The poetic of space, the relation between space and  body (movement, gesture, the performer), The poetic of music, Performance space, Scenography, Visual Arts and Performance.

Photos from the Laboratory of Scenography- Laboratory of Art Performances and Exhibitions comes from LSA's students artistic works - Participation with the greek participation (student section) at World Exhibition in Prague PQ2015

Το λογότυπο του εργαστηρίου σχεδιάστηκε από την αρχιτέκτονα Καρολίνα Μπούρου
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